Branding guide

West of England Music Alliance brand / logo guidelines

The West of England Music Alliance (WEMA) is the Music Hub for the B&NES, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire region. Some of our work is funded by the DfE, with Arts Council England acting as the fund-holder.

Any partnership work (i.e. activity which is funded, entirely or in part, by the Alliance) needs to appropriately acknowledge the partnership and use of public funding. This is an integral element of partnership work and a requirement of the Alliance’s funding agreement with the DfE which we are contractually required to follow.

We ask that you also share your logo, social media and branding expectations with us, so that we can properly acknowledge your work.

Our logos are below. Please download the via the link below each image, not by right-clicking on the image.

The WEMA brand is distinctive through:

  • The logo, featuring a sound-wave image
  • The close-up use of the sound-wave bars as a design feature and
  • The use of the 3-colour palette throughout the design:
    Yellow             #EDA80D         CMYK = 0,29,95,7        RGB = 237, 168, 13
    Orange            #D85414          CMYK = 0,61,91,15      RGB = 216, 84, 20
    Teal                 #028577          CMYK = 98,0,11,48      RGB = 2, 133, 119

Social Media

Please acknowledge the Alliance in all posts relating the partnership activity:

Facebook site:            @WestOfEnglandMusic
plus (as appropriate)
#wemaBANES , #wemaN-Somerset , #wemaSouthGlos

Flyers, brochures and concert programmes etc (printed and digital)

The WEMA and DfE/ACE logos must be used in all material. They should appear on the front or back cover of a programme, or on the appropriate page if part of a wider programme of events. On flyers, banners, flags, digital posts etc, they should appear in an appropriately prominent location, usually one of the four corners. They should be appropriately hierarchical, according the relative level of investment by the Alliance/DfE-ACE.

Speeches, press and announcements
Film, sound and broadcast media

Press releases, interviews, public statements and speeches, film credits and audio announcements should acknowledge the partnership using the words ‘In partnership with The West of England Music Alliance. Supported using public funding by the Department of Education through Arts Council England’.

Use of the logo

The West of England Music Alliance logo and the Arts Council DfE logo must be included on all printed and digital material.

WEMA logo: there are 2 versions, rectangular and circular. Please choose whichever suits your design layout the best. Full colour versions are preferred; a greyscale and black and white versions are available if necessary.

DfE/ACE logo: a single design is available, produced in black on white and white on black.

Both WEMA and DfE/ACE must be accredited, where possible using the text ‘In partnership with The West of England Music Alliance. Supported using public funding by the Department of Education through Arts Council England’.

Logos must:

  • Must be in the original proportions, not deformed or distorted
  • Be of the original colouring. They must not be recoloured
  • Should appear on a white / light, or black / dark background and must be clearly visible over the background
  • Must be in the original designed form. Not altered, transformed or integrated into other images in any way, eg, adding a border, shadow or merging with another image
  • Must include clear space on all sides of at least 20% of the image width (eg if the image is 10cm wide, there must be at least 2cm of blank space on the left and right, above and below)
  • Must be of a size to ensure visibility, and at least:
  • Websites:       
    Rectangular logos – 70 pixels minimum
    Square logo – 150 pixels minimum
  • Print A3:         
    Rectangular logos – 18mm high
    Square logo – 36mm high
    and proportionally larger for sizes above A3 (eg A1 = 36mm high)
  • Print A4:         
    Rectangular logos – 15mm high
    Square logo – 30mm high
  • Print A5          
    Rectangular logos – 12mm high
    and smaller     Square logo – 24mm high