South Glos Music Hub Instrument Hire

Terms and Conditions

The Music Hub has a limited stock of instruments for hire. Hiring is recommended in the early stages of learning. When you are ready to buy an instrument, please contact us for information about the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which can help you with the cost of buying certain instruments.

Starting to hire an instrument

  • Instruments will need to be collected from our office in Little Stoke. Please make an appointment as the office is not always staffed

During the hire period

  • The advertised hire charge will be invoiced each term (3 times a year) in advance of the hire period. Charges should be paid within 14 days to avoid lessons being suspended due to late payment. Suspended lessons are chargeable where the suspension is due to late payment.
  • The instrument is for use by only your child and must be brought to school/music centre as required
  • Together with its accessories, the instrument must always be used with care and placed in its case when not in use
  • You will also be responsible for its maintenance of the instrument. For some instruments, this can include occasional (eg annual) servicing which needs to be completed by our recommended servicers.
  • Any damage must be reported to the music service immediately and you should not try to repair yourself. Any repairs must be done by a specialist firm recommended by the music centre and at the cost of the hirer
  • If the instrument is lost or damaged, you are liable for the cost of the replacement
  • The hirer does not own the instrument and therefore not entitled to sell, lease or loan to another individual
  • The hirer is responsible for the purchase of consumable items e.g. reeds, strings, rosin, lubricants etc

Ending the hire agreement and returning the instrument

  • When you wish to end the hire agreement, you must email the music hub office and arrange to return the instrument to our Little Stoke office. Instruments cannot be returned via a school or the teacher
  • Hire charges will continue until the instrument has been received by us.
  • The instrument must be returned in good condition, ready for the next person to hire
  • Any damage will be repaired by us and the cost of any repairs will be charged to the hirer. This may be after the hire period